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Where are you at?

It is often hard to guage if you need help. You can wonder if things really are bad enough to see a theapist.  The premise is described by the boiling frog fable. If a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will sit there and be cooked to death. So, as a survival strategy, we too can put up with a toxic situation hoping someone will turn down the heat. Like the frog, we put up with increasingly difficult situations not noticing how bad things have become. If things are  Having an independent and non-judgemental view from a trained professional can  help bring a fresh perspective on your life.

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Men and Therapy

I believe that the traditional view of  therapy as a feminine domain is rapidly changing.  Men are becoming much more open to seeking therapeutic help. My doctoral thesis is around how men experience therpy and, as an expert in working with men, have a deep understanding of the skills and demands that men bring to the theraputic relationship.